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Dear Researcher,

We are delighted to invite Eminent Scientists, Academicians and Researchers to submit their original research / review articles for publication Research & Reviews: International Journals. All Research & Reviews International Journals invites to your quality research/review findings in areas of Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Engineering and Technology, Agricultural and its Allied fields, through the publication of quality scholarly journals.

The submitted manuscript will be reviewed by our journal expert reviewers and status will be intimated within 07 days.

Publication certificate will be provided by email and with Journal hardcopy. 

Research and Reviews International Journals Platform

  • Research and Reviews International Journals is meant to facilitate a cost effective access to the quality research findings in areas of Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Engineering and Technology, Agricultural and its Allied fields, General Sciences.
  • All articles published in the journals are open access: Universally accessible online without charge.
  • It employs Open Journal Systems (OJS) – A journal management and publishing system.
  • Rapid online and print publication of papers, soon after their formal acceptance/ finalization.
  • Promotional support to papers of specific interest.
  • Publishing online means unlimited space for figures, extensive datasets etc.
  • Online Submission of Manuscripts.
  • Provides an online three tier stringent but smooth peer review process, with a highly acclaimed editorial board.
  • Facilitates linking with the other authors or professionals.
  • Professional formatting meets the standards expected by researchers.
  • Worldwide circulation and visibility.

Steps for Online Manuscript Submission:

  • Register as author in the website.(
  • Read the scope, policies and procedures about the journal of your interest.
  • Manuscripts should cover the areas and topics listed in the focus and scope of the Journal.
  • Prepare your manuscript as per the journal standard and guidelines.
  • Submit your manuscript online to the journal.


You can mail your manuscript to


RROIJ- Journals: Scope Wise Distribution

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences [e-ISSN: ۲۳۲۰ –۱۲۱۵, p-ISSN:2322-0112]               
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicological Studies [e-ISSN: ۲۳۲۲-۰۱۳۹, p-ISSN: 2322-0120]
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry [ e-ISSN: ۲۳۲۱ – ۶۱۸۲, p-ISSN: 2347-2332]
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis [e-ISSN: ۲۳۲۰ –۰۸۱۲, p-ISSN: 2347-2340]              
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutics and Nanotechnology (e-ISSN: 2347-7857 and p-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۷۸۴۹)

Medical Sciences

  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical and Health Sciences [e – ISSN: 2319: 9865, p-ISSN: ۲۳۲۲-۰۱۰۴]

Dental Sciences

  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences [e-ISSN: ۲۳۲۰ – ۷۹۴۹, p-ISSN: ۲۳۲۲-۰۰۹۰]

Microbiology and Biotechnology

  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology [e-ISSN : 2320 - 3528, p-ISSN: 2347-2286]

Basic and General Sciences

  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry [e-ISSN : 2319 – ۹۸۴۹, p-ISSN: ۲۳۲۲-۰۰۸۲]
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences [e-ISSN: 2320 – ۰۱۸۹, p-ISSN: 2347-2308]
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Pure And Applied Physics [e-ISSN: 2320- 2459,  p-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۲۳۱۶]
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Zoological Sciences [e-ISSN: ۲۳۲۱ – ۶۱۹۰,  p-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۲۲۹۴]

Engineering and Technology

  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology [e-ISSN: 2319 – ۹۸۷۳, p-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۲۳۲۴ ]
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences [e-ISSN: ۲۳۲۱ – ۶۲۱۲, p-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۲۲۷۸]

Agriculture and Its Allied Sciences

  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences [ISSN: 2319 – ۹۸۵۷, p-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۲۲۶X]
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology [e-ISSN: ۲۳۲۱ – ۶۲۰۴, p-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۲۳۵۹]
  • Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology And Environmental Sciences (e-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۷۸۳۰ and p-ISSN: ۲۳۴۷-۷۸۲۲)


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